Atificial lawns

Your artificial lawn is installed on a compacted sand base that is solid and facilitates fast and effective drainage. As a result you will find your artificial lawn not only looks great but is as functional as decking or a patio area. Perfect for entertaining, playing or simply relaxing.

How it will change your life

Artificial lawns requires a minimal amount of maintenance to look great 365 days of the year, putting an end to the constant drudgery of mowing and disposing of the grass cuttings, not forgetting the lawn treatments to try and get your lawn to have that English -garden green appearance that everyone craves.


Once installed it is ready for action. Children and animals love the feel of artificial grass, warm and soft to the touch but incredibly hardwearing. For families with light coloured carpets or floor coverings, you'll see an immediate benefit - no muddy marks or stains from tiny feet or paws.